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I have a new small business and Peter just started working on this year's accounting for me. My files needed a lot of TLC and catching up. The info and guidance I received from Peter to get my accounting in order and current was invaluable. Communication responses were prompt."

1025737 B.C. Ltd.

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 I never thought there was any difference using accountant over another until I switched to Peter Y.H. Shum Inc., Chartered Professional Accountant. Peter was very thorough. After filing our returns with him, we were confident about the accuracy and were more informed. Recently, I incorporated my practice and Peter helped us a lot referring us to the right professionals. He provided valuable information about the incorporation process. He always returned calls in a timely manner and was more than helpful, providing professional advice and guidance - more than what I expected from a regular accountant

                                                                                                       Mowen Insurance and Financial Services Inc.



 I have been with Peter Shum CPA, CGA for a number of years now and highly recommend him. He is thorough, efficient and affordable                                                                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                                         Kels Management Ltd.